December 16th
09:30 Registration
10:00 Official opening

John Smith (UK) | President, FIM
László Gyimesi | President, MZTSZ (Hungary)
Takeshi Shinohara | President, MUJ

10:15 Musical opening

• Live performance: string quartet by members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

10:25 I. Main challenges regarding online music in Japan

• Keynote speech | Mr. Seiichi Kondo (Former Commissioner for Cultural Affairs)
• Keynote speech | Mr. Kazuhiro Ando (Associate Professor at Toyo University)

11:30 Coffee break (1)
12:00 II. International norms, national legislations and business models: impact on performers’ revenues

• Japan: Kazuo Shiina | MPN, Geidankyo
• North America: Ray Hair | President, AFM
• Europe: Horace Trubridge | Deputy General Secretary, BMU

Moderator: Beat Santschi | President, SMV (Switzerland)

13:30 Lunch break (1)
14:30 III. Exploitation of performers’ right of making available: consequences of court decisions (Sweden, Finland…) on contracts and/or legislations

Ahti Vännttinen | President, SML (Finland)
Jan Granvik | President, SMF (Sweden)
• Dr. Pál Tomori | Director, EJI (Hungary)

Moderator: Dan Gottfried | President, IMU (Israel)

15:30 Coffee break (2)
16:00 IV. The Fair Internet campaign: European exception or global model?

Xavier Blanc | General Secretary, AEPO-ARTIS
Benoît Machuel | General Secretary, FIM
Horace Trubridge | Assistant General Secretary, BMU (UK)

Moderator: John Smith | President, FIM

17:30 End of Day 1
18:00 Dinner at Mai-Sen
December 17th
10:00 V. Online streaming: technical and legal aspects

• Presentation of newest AVID and AUDUX products
• Streaming and interactivity. Respective scopes of the exclusive right of making available and equitable remuneration
: Dr. Pál Tomori | Director, EJI (Hungary)

11:00 Coffee break (3)
11:30 VI. Towards fair and sustainable online business models: the views of the respective stakeholders involved

Lauri Rechardt | Director, Licencing and legal policy, IFPI
Eddie Schwartz | President, Songwriters’ Association of Canada
Jay Kogami | Digital Music Blogger, All Digital Music (Japan)
Jan Granvik | President, SMF (Sweden)
Xavier Blanc | General Secretary, AEPO-ARTIS

Moderator: Benoît Machuel | General Secretary, FIM

13:00 Lunch break (2)
14:00 VII. Adoption of conclusions
15:00 VIII. Closing remarks

John Smith | President, FIM
Takeshi Shinohara | President, MUJ

15:30 End of Conference